Introduction to Finance Modeling

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Financial Modeling
Section 1: Earnings Model Layout
Section 2: Income Statement Modeling
Section 3: GAAP & Non-GAAP Earnings
Section 4: Model Calibration
Section 5: Balance Sheet Modeling
Section 6: Cash Flow Modeling
Section 7: Financial Statement Links
Section 8: How to use the Model

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When we model a company?s earnings we are trying to breakdown the financial results
into small, digestible pieces. If someone asks you whether or not Apple will beat the
consensus EPS estimate this quarter, it would be very difficult to answer without thinking
about how many iPhones, Macs, iPads, and watches the company would sell, the average
price for each, and what the gross margin and operating expenses would be. A financial
model shows all of these parts and how they work together to get to a final bottom-line
EPS estimate.


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