C for Java Programmers

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When I teach introductory programming, I tell students that they are learning a
foreign language: the language understood by the computer. The purpose of programming
is to translate your ideas about how to solve a problem into a language
that the computer understands so that it can follow your instructions

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You are a Java programmer. You are already fluent in the Java programming language.
But now you find that you need to learn a new programming language,
namely the language called ?C.? This is just like learning a second (human) language.
As I?m sure you know, some human languages are more similar than others.
If you know Spanish, you can learn French or Italian relatively easily. Many
of the constructions are the same, although there are some important differences
in the details. On the other hand, if you know English, it?s of relatively little use
to you in learning Chinese or Japanese?they don?t even use the same characters!


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